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Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy :)

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Skills for Scrum Agile Teams

Full article is available here Role Technical skills ( in respective platforms) Behavioral skills Developer CRUD operations, interfacing with different layers of the development frame work. Unit testing  (tools – NUnit, JUnit ) Code coverage concepts and tools Code review … Continue reading

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Skill Matrix Enables Suggestion System

Source: gembapantarei We received a call from a kaizen facilitator who was concerned that their suggestion system was losing steam. We went to their Gemba to find out what was going wrong. This company was receiving plenty of suggestions. They … Continue reading

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The Case Against Minimalism

The Case Against Minimalism form Alan Shalloway

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New category was born -> Technical excellence

Friends, originally i wanted to focus only on lean and agile but if i figure out something form technical perspective which i consider as important i will publish it lets start with FINDSTR source -> ss64 Search for strings in … Continue reading

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Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great!

Usually this aspect of scrum framework is ignored but this one way to enable kaizen on team level.

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Epic failures: 11 infamous software bugs

Epic failures: 11 infamous software bugs Think about the impact of testing and the fact that software can kill sometimes.

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poppendieck’s home page Take a look into the blog section as well -> here

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