The art of giving – career advices from Bob Marley

Most people think,
Great god will come from the skies,
Take away everything
And make everybody feel high
– Bob Marley

Even in modern and well educated societies, we are failing again and again in to the trap described by Marley – expecting that organization, or other divine power will give us something – promotion, next project, next steps in career, the training which will make us successful.

Of course promotion and talent discussions are part of management rounds and this gives even more fuel to these myths, but these discussions are end of the story not the beginning.

It is critical to understand that the key to success is exactly the opposite thinking and behavior – you need to do the first step and to give to the organization …. Hmm to give to organization … when you think a little bit on this logical model you may ask the question what to give.

Stat with what you have – give energy and your time (basically the most valuable resource which we have if we quote again the Marley – Money can’t buy life). Search proactively for new tasks and opportunities, learn to learn because the knowledge work is like professional sport if you don’t keep shape and train everyday it is over you will sit on the bench.

Then learn to give and learn to receive and search for feedback. I am big fan of idea that to have fun – positive emotions and engagement are the key but too much is not always good. I was on training with colleagues from all around the world and we had prototype to test with some folks in the organization – I’ve try to do fun presentation but at one point of time I’ve lost the main point. After the interview I’ve received direct feedback form one of the folks “Mister you’ve destroyed the interview” – first reaction form my side was this directness is really much for my taste and culture (may be my culture is the problem considering the note form the colleague), but after some time I’ve realized the value of such feedback and appreciated this, even started to look for it.

Giving energy alone is not enough to be successfully but it is enough to become one of your driving forces to give energy and see results. I’ve mentioned sports already – body can release endorphins form results as well.

Why to deliver results because results are the only point (I completely agree with mr. Malik on this point) – nothing else matters more in results the organization.

Is the energy alone enough? No it is a pity to give energy to wrong cause if you want to grow you needs to add value with ideas.

The worst thing to do is to become the nag – the person which is always complaining and never proposing ides or how to fix the problem. If you have hurdles go directly and propose solution, even implement it – it is much better to ask for forgiveness than for approval and remember I’ve almost failed is better than I’ve almost delivered.

We need to investigate almost failed as well – it is not sustainable to deliver with magic.

Now with this in mind perform self-reflection. and share with me what you will change in your behavior.

and keep in mind …

There is even worse trap – your expectation that someone know what you are thinking, and cares about it.

Thinking on giving there is one additional remark ->

Give your personal moneys to invest in yourself and later even invest in your colleagues and remember …

Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright – Bob Marley

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