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NetObjectives: Scrum, Lean and Kanban: A Pragmatic Webinar Series

Kanban is the next generation of Agile methods. It has been picking up momentum as many people have become disenchanted with either the difficulty of starting Scrum or have been unable to overcome challenges while using Scrum. Kanban is based … Continue reading

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Kanban in a Nutshell

I assert the following (please verify with your own evidence from your past): 1.Time from getting information until using it creates new work (one has to redo the information or one works from old information which results in rework) 2.Time … Continue reading

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The role of leadership in software development

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Jira GreenHopper for Kanban

Usually I don’t put too much attention on tools but the capabilities of Jira GreenHopper for Kanban looks interesting. GreenHopper for Kanban Especially queue restrictions and throughput time reporting.

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Jack be Agile – Jack be Lean

Author(s) Alan Shalloway The Lean-Agile Connection Lean software development and Agile software development are two approaches on the minds of many who want to become more effective software developers. Lean? Agile? Are they similar or different? Do they compete or … Continue reading

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