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Why Seeing the Value Stream Is So Important

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The Practical Science of Batch Size by Donald Reinertsen

Of all the ideas of Lean, batch size reduction is the most important economically. Yet, few product developers understand it. More

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Cognitive Edge – Dave Snowden

you can not scale if you don’t know the underlying theory

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Bounce Lean Canvas Rev. 1 – Customer Development Labs

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Theory of Constraints and Software Engineering

In this post we will introduce the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and start looking at how it can be applied to software engineering management. TOC is most well known for its so called “Five Focusing Steps”, and often that process … Continue reading

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Dean Leffingwell Presents Agile Portfolio Management in the Scaled Agile Framework

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Lean Manufacturing Example Toyota Plant Kentucky

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Technical Debt Is Now Costing Us $3.61 Per Line Of Code

A series of blog posts by Jonathan Bloom from CAST software summarized the company’s report on technical debt. Among the key findings: CAST now estimates technical debt to cost companies $3.61 per line of code. 35% of those items considered … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Taiichi Ohno

Today is Taiichi Ohno’s birthday. Were he alive, the primary developer of the Toyota Production System would be turning 100 years old. here is the insightful, colorful story of Ohno providing direct, intensive coaching for an executive of Daihatsu. with … Continue reading

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The 5 Whys

Eric Ries, entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School, explains how to find the human causes of technical problems more

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